Curriculum Vitae:

  • Born: 7-Apr-1962 in Zürich
  • In 1981 I had a bad motorbike accident where I fall for 4 days in coma, my left thigh was shattered and the nerves of the left arm where tattered near the spinal cord. Therefore I had to spent more than a year in a wheel chair at hospital and rehabilitation.
  • Marital status: divorced, 1988 till 1992 I was married with Nina Hedayat, a persian woman.
  • Pets: while married we had two shizu dogs called Chicco and Twinkle. Today this is my crazy family: My Crazy Family


  • From 1978 till 1983 I comleted the apprenticeship for Telecommunications and Electronics Appliance Fitter at Siemens Albis Ltd.
  • From 1983 till 1986 I graduated at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur as "Bachelor in Computer Sciences (HTL)".
  • Since 1986 I'm working as a computing & customer maintanance specialist on VMS, Unix (Tru64, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SCO, Linux) and Windows with the same company. The company names changed from ITT Standard Telefon & Radio AG, Alcatel STR AG, Alcatel-Lucent Schweiz AG, Nokia to actually IMPAQ - a gfi company.


  • Since I was 12 years old I'm playing accordion with the Handharmonika-Club Zürich-Albisrieden and was president of this association from 1991 till 1996.
    In order of my left arm handicap i'm playing a midi adappted accordion with a Ketron Solton Audya 4 expander.
  • During the studies I joined the student fraternity Amicitia Turicensis for which I'm the webmaster.
  • As teenager I was an enthusiastic racing cyclist with a performance of about 150 to 300km / weekend.
    In 1980 I was swiss youth champion of Bike-Orienteering.
    If you like biking around Zürich with colleagues, VMC Uto Albisrieden would be the best address.
    2015 I have to go back beginning bicycle. For this purpose I bought a Hasebikes Kettwiesel E-Trike.
        Shortly before the destructive Tsunami in December 2004 I could say "Good Bye" to the Maldives and Sri Lanka!

Bruno Ruess
IMPAQ AG - A Gfi Group Company
Friesenbergstr. 75
8055 Zürich

Fon: +41 44 405 2152
Mob: +41 79 603 4452
Bruno Ruess
Im Winkel 4
8910 Affoltern am Albis

Fon: +41 44 811 0274
Mob: +41 79 603 4452
Fax: +41 86079 603 4452

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